Cathys Creations
Hand made products that can be made to order


I raise Sheep and try to make use of every bit of them.  I sell the lambs as "freezer lamb", which means, I sell a whole or a half lamb to someone to have butchered and processed as they wish.  I also sell by the cut, from my shop.  I retain the hides and have them tanned and sell them, also in my shop.  The wool, which must be removed every year, I spin myself into lovely yarns and sell either as yarn, or knitted into nice hats, mittens, socks, etc.  I also make a cozy slipper with the hides on the bottom, and a knitted/crocheted upper.  Very warm.

   In addition to the sheep, I raise chickens.  Both for meat and for eggs.  The meat chickens are raised on pasture, and the egg layers are free ranging.  The meat chickens are kept in a cage which has an open bottom and is moved everyday to new ground, so the chickens have access to fresh grass and bugs daily.  This protects them from predators and keeps them confined.  (They grow incredibly fast)