Cathys Creations
Hand made products that can be made to order

I got my first lamb when I was 9 years old.  He was a little bottle lamb that became my 4-H project and the sire to my flock.  As the years went on I acquired several ewes and my flock was started.  That lasted until I went to college and had to sell them.  There was a long time then when I didn't live in the country and couldn't have animals.  Finally, we moved to Wisconsin and bought a small farm.  I learned to spin at a local shop, and bought some ewes.  It has all grown from there.  Eventually we bought a bigger farm, so I could have more sheep.

I don't like to waste things, so when a lamb was butchered, I just couldn't throw away the hide.  At first, I tanned them myself, but when it became more than 3 or 4, I just couldn't do it myself, and found a local tannery that would tan them for me.

Then I learned to make soap, and found out what a wonderful product that is.  Meanwhile, I was knitting up all the yarn I was spinning, and decided I needed an outlet for all these products.  Since noone could see them inside my house and I didn't have a good place to display them, I decided I needed a building from which to sell my wares.  I built that building in 2009.  It was a year before it was finally made into the little shop it is today.


Then came chickens!

Since I had all this room now and I really liked the taste of pasture raised chickens, I decided to add them to my offering.  And no farm is complete without a few laying hens.  When I got my shop, I thought it would be nice to offer eggs also--from free ranging hens.  The eggs and pasture raised chickens are higher in the omega 3 fatty acid that everyone is trying to get in their diet.